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Company Background

IKATO Engineering Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Starlex Engineering & Trading) was incorporated in 2009 as an established wholesaler dealing with engineering equipment and machinery spare parts particularly required by light and heavy industrial users. In essence, the list of clientele comprises manufacturers such as F&B industries, paper mills, steel mills, glove factories and last but not least, palm oil mills, the company’s priority and primary client. IKATO Engineering Sdn Bhd is registered with several major palm oil mills in providing replacement parts, generally, conveyor chains. The company’s success has been truly blessed since its inception because it poses a highly diverse and experienced team headed by the Managing Director himself who has more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in the machinery and engineering line along with a group of employees whose valuable on the field passion and commitment to tackle day to day operational challenges.

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Company Workforce

Recognising the changing dynamics of the business world and not one to rest on their laurels, the Management of the company took some progressive steps in 2009 giving itself a competitive edge and criteria by employing only a team of qualified plus experienced personnel; and outsourcing its production to domestic and overseas manufacturers.

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Mr. David Lim, founder and Managing Director of the company, aged 66, has more than 30 years of experience in dealing with machinery and engineering spare parts industry. He had executed numerous agreements with many local companies also foreign dealers for products distribution internationally.

Furthermore, he has a good rapport with his customers which proven networking is one of his primary business principles. His engineering knowledge and experience as well as entrepreneurial skills have navigated the company into the prospective future.

Business Prospect

Ikato - Company Profile (1)-13Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reliable company with reputation for quality and durable products meeting the needs of our clients. It is a challenge for us to maintain on building our winning strategy of quality products, competitive prices, prompt delivery and value added customer services and support. With a tremendous track records and reputation built up, we expect to maintain degree of business in the short term and expand progressively in the future. We are constantly looking into potential feasible source for development of business and to amplify revenue base instead of highly dependent on supplying and distributing. In our future prospect, we have considered on continuously intensifying our production in China as well as expanding our business to other ASEAN countries, for instance, Indonesia, Thailand and others. The prospects for this venture will be promising as the idea of outsourcing our production tends to eliminate higher production cost of domestic manufacturing. In the light of expanding volume of manpower resources as well as improving technical experience in the industry, our business believes to perform better to meet the client requirement. Our loyal suppliers and customers are pretty well convinced in respect of the company’s creditworthiness and high standard of quality.

Product & Services

Products of Ikato are absolutely manufactured from high quality raw materials and undergone stages of Quality Assurance to create durable end products. It requires in-depth knowledge, experience,design capabilities, skills and well-equipped facilities which our principal manufacturer in China poses all the aspects. Moreover, we do provide chain customization services as according to our client’s requirements and preference, such as material, designated attachments and so on. Our products consist of the following range and models: –

4” Pitch Conveyor Chain

  • KT818H (Hollow Pin Type)
  • KT818CT (Cotter Pin Type)
  • KT818R (Riveted Pin Type)
  • KT818EB (Extended Bolt/Screw Pin Type)
  • KT94
  • KT90

6” Pitch Conveyor Chain

  • KT6289FEB (Fully Extended Bolt/Screw Pin Type)
  • KT8089FEB (Fully Extended Bolt/Screw Pin Type)
  • KT9060FEB (Fully Extended Bolt/Screw Pin Type)
  • KT168H (Hollow Pin Type)
  • KT604R (Riveted Pin Type)

Roller Chain

ANSI & DIN Standard, different sizes available: –

  • Simplex
  • Duplex
  • Triplex

Asphalt Paver Chain

  • MIT45 (Sumitomo)
  • B96 (Bitelli)
  • B97 (ABG)
  • B98 (Vogele)

PIV & Silent Chain

  •  A1, A2, A3, A4, A5

Other Products

  • Double Pitch Chain
  • Link Plate Attachments – A1/K1, A2/K2, A3/K3
  • Conveyor Sprocket
  • Transmission Sprocket
  • Bearings



No. 3, Jalan SP 4/1, Taman Subang Perdana, Seksyen 4, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

TEL : 03-7848 3638 / 03-7848 3738
FAX : 03-7848 3238

EMAIL : enquiry@ikato.com.my

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